Example Wed Soft Builder’s

Basic web builders.

So in the last post we already talked about weebly. I thought it might be useful to throw out a few examples to look at. Not all web builders are created equal. Let’s examine a few websites so you can get a better idea of the look and feel. I want to start with a guy that does auto detailing in the area i’m from I have been going to him for awhile, and he’s a cool guy. He said it would be fine to use http//:www.BismarckDetailing.com as one example.

This is a clean weebly built website. Screenshot of Bismarkdetailing.com

bismarck example

When looking for a website you want to mimic or in a since copy cat. This one above is what a strait forward user friendly site looks like. Why not all the bells and whistles?………Well actually this one does have all the bells and whistles. Look close. It’s got a number, clearly states what there intentions are, contact form right there not cluttered, and easy clickable navigation. Don’t over do it just because you can. 

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What’s new? Mobile Beats Desktop.

Mobile phones, and tablets have taken over the desktop and laptop. Intel is laying off 12,000 people because of it. Crazy right. So what are you going to do in your place of business? I really hope your website is mobile friendly, If it’s not then your need to hurry up and get it that way. I really think that if your not mobile first desk top second you are going to be left behind.

So what can you do to make sure your mobile friendly? Here are a few things to check:

  • On your mobile devise can yo move the screen in a horizontal motion? If you can you are not mobile friendly.
  • What is you font size? If your under and 18 your not mobile friendly. People won’t be able to read well on a small device when your fonts under 18. I prefer a 19 for standard text and 24 for my tiles.
  • White space. You need lots of contrast and less busyness.
  • does your website shrink and grow with the screen with out breaking? If it doesn’t you need it to be able to do that.

I know this can be a big blow to some. You might not even know where to begin if you are going to try to do something like this. Sure your no computer pro. But the search engines are telling you now if you don’t figure this out your websites rankings are going to suffer. How bad? Only they know. The’re the ones writing the code.

What do you do? Well if your not really comfortable with coding (most aren’t). Then I would go ahead and got with one of these wix, weebly, host type user friendly web builders. With one of these you will be able to build your site out in days and they come standard with the mobile friendly features.

What will this do for my business?

  1. You will not be negatively effected by the changes.
  2. Your customers will be able to connect with you much easier.
  3. You will be proud of your new/fresh look. That is always good.
  4. You’ll be relevant. You do want to be a major player in your industry right?



Weebly Design Platform

Weebly has a new Flash old version of bear designer platform out for everyone to use. What this is is basically just a designer platform where you can help out a company with their website, while making sure not to use any of your money only wasting your time if they decide not to go with it. In Other words it’s just a platform that you can use just to build custom websites for your customer, which allows them to also access the back panel and change things as they like. The cool thing is though you will be able to manage the back panel and not let them mess around with things you don’t want them to. For instance if there’s something that you want them to mess with you can leave that box unchecked and I’ll be able to go in there and move around content or pictures as they will. But if there’s something sensitive like for instance; let’s just say there was and about paid you didn’t want me to it because it was hypersensitive to SEO work. Then in that sense you do not have to let them mess around with that you can leave that box checked and they cannot even touch that if they wanted to. Offering this kind of a service to your customers is a huge benefit to your business.


One of the coolest features about this web design platform is you can put your company business logo and they won’t even know it’s from Weebly. They’ll just think that they’re on your web design platform building a website strictly off of what you offer them. This kind of a service make you look super hyper professional nobody offers a service like this but weebly.


Let’s just give an example of how this would work and why it works so well. Okay for the purpose of an example let’s look at what it would be like if you had an auto detail shop in Bismarck North Dakota. The owner of the detail shop already has a web design platform that he uses.Your go to set them up on a monthly payment plan but you need him to move over from his platform to something that you can regulate and take away from him if he decides not to pay for it. I know it sounds bad but you need to have some leverage on companies when you’re in the internet industry. You need to create value for yourself. By doing this you are allowing the business owner to access the back panel and change things if he doesn’t like them yet you can manage the importance of the SEO aspect and block him or her from adding or taking anything away from the hard work you’ve done. They will feel like they own it yet you will feel like you’ll be able to control it which you need to if you’re trying to rank them.
I really think this is something cool we do not personally do it in our business yet. I’m going to be looking more into this if you’re interested just go over to weebly.com and look into their designer platform super cool super stoked and can’t wait to start using it.

Some awesome software.

Alright guys! for this good tip in software your going to need a gmail.com account. If you don’t have one set one up. Anyone that’s interested in accounting go to google  and look up google spread sheets. If your signed into your gmail account your already able to get in. Open up spreed sheets NOT docs, or the other ones.

This s sheet it as good or better that your office excel spread sheet. I think it’s way better personally because it saves to the cloud and you can access it anywhere you have a the ability to get on good old G google. Plus you can add and share with your CPA. Now we’er getting to my point. So there’s all this really expensive software out there to do your accounting . Or even better hire a CPA….BUT and that’s a big BUT. HOW?There has to be a line drawn in the sand somewhere. If your a small growing business you can’t pay for every little piece of software that comes out you got to be able to get stuff done yourself at first till the money’s start rolling in.

Chasing bunny’s when you need to be going for the elephant. 

Now i’m not saying to use every free software that comes along that’s not smart when you should be putting in the effort doing the things that make you money. (chasing elephants NOT bunny’s) If your in a pinch this will work well for you though.

OK! Name your document and follow along with the tutorials. The cool thing is you can add formulas to help keep track of your numbers. add notes and anywhere you get stuck do what I do… YOUTUBE it!!YEP!! that’s what the rich do this is the information age.

When tax season comes a calling it’s simple get your CPA to get a gmail account and share your info with them. Now as long as you did your due diligence this should be a breeze for them. If you keep all your records they can be sure to scream through this thing and your taxes will be done right and in a hurry!

A few other options I have been looking into are wave apps accounting linked to a stripe account which is kinda like a pay pal …. more like exactly like a pay pal. I guess you can run all you business through your stripe account and it will auto save all your receipts and invoicing. I’m going to have to look into this for you guys. Just wanted to through that out there as a almost free accounting version. I can’t vogue for it yet as I haven’t used it.

If you could sink a mileage tracker app to this wave apps that would be sweet. I’ll be looking into it. If it’s not out there maybe it should be. Millionaire!!! Well guys don’t get stuck on the small stuff find the right software to propel your business into extreme wealth.

Peace out!!

your tech geek

Website builders.

Hey guy’s Happy New Year!!!

About to get that new business started? Thinking about making a website? Not sure how to build one or don’t know witch one to try? Quick tip for 2016 baby!!

Website builders. If your unfamiliar or lazy :/ website builders are awesome!! All you do is click and follow along with some of these web designer platforms out there. May i make a suggestion though? Try weebly.com if your looking for a web platform to build your business on. They are extremely user friendly and you’ll be satisfied with the look and feel of your new website.

Here’s a few beginner tips.

  1. Easy on the eye’s. Make sure your website is not cluttered people like me freak out and leave.
  2. lot’s of picture’s that are retentive to what you do. Pictures are like a thousand words remember?
  3. Mobile friendly. Has to be this is the 21st century people 50 to 60 percent of people will find you on there phones.
  4. Clickable number. make sure it’s easy for people to get a hold of you.
  5. Contact page once again make it easy for these people to reach you.
  6. Have a privacy policy and be honest people want to feel safe on your site.
  7. don’t focus to must on your domain name.

When you go to build out your website remember to take your time. Often people build it and leave it. Don’t be that lazy. Updates and content can move your site into a more clickable position. Content is extremely important. Write lots but don’t ramble and keep it relevant. Writing and copy writing should all be unique copy paste and your out!! Search engines hate copiers because your just jamming up space with duplicate info that’s already out there. So don’t do it.Some people but articles through word spinners I wouldn’t even bother write your own unique content and you will do much better.


More Intrests

We are about to hit a new year. I hope you all have some goals this year I sure do. I am hoping that this blog becomes a spot for people to hang out and talk about the good news with all the bad news going on out in the world. I don’t know how people like you are feeling but seems like there’s more bad news than good news. Let’s stop! seriously! If we don’t buy into it they have to stop producing it. So whats the good news you ask; let me tell you about the good news. Let’s list a few of the good thinks that happened this year:

  1. Photo’s of Pluto ( I know right…. Crazy stuff)!
  2. Technology Improve (still growing that’s a good sign)
  3. Ebola cure. (plague was to destroy mankind stopped in it’s tracks).
  4. Human right’s (people are recognizing the human trafficking  problem….about time).
  5. Apparently people still have faith in the economy (stocks at an all time high confusing yes but;hey good news people don’t wanna think it’s bad).

So here’s what i’m thinking we’ll only talk about the good stuff hear and we will lead each other to success. There’s lots of ways to get your mind off of the bad and onto the good stuff. Like:

  • Book’s
  • Motivational Video’s
  • Exercise
  • Travel Ideas
  • Explorations
  • Cooking and Tasting

So let’s let the good vibes flow. I personally turned away from thinks that blocked my success in like. I even had some friends that were a dethronement to my success. I wouldn’t stay close to those people. In fact I would stay close only to the inspirational and positive people in my life. You want a truth. That is the single most important thing I did to become wealthy. Sounds simple enough doesn’t? Nope don’t forget that’s what we are creatures of habit and we like to look down. Why you ask? Because it is the easy way. Looking up takes effort. Yeah I know it sounds cheesy and you have probably herd it before but I will say it again surround yourself with success and you will be successful.

Let’s talk about looking up. OK! So you understand that it’s natural to wanna look down. Let’s look into this. So you look at the people out there and thinks about what most would say; Finishing sentences like : How was work? Long, tiring, worst day because of…, ext. Or how about what are your plans this weekend? I gotta this, I gotta that, So i’m not going to BLAH. OK. Here’s what i’m talking about that’s the downer looking down crap. Here’s where I want you to be and you need to be if your ever going to be successful. How was work? So thankful to be working my way outta that job. Love getting that experience to motivate myself to do greater things.  What are you doing this weekend? I am going to knock all this stuff out quickly so I can do all these things that I love to do. The point is you don’t have to lie to yourself like so many think. You can be positively honest.

Let’s go forward this week with the go get it positive news. Folks will not know how to react to you when your so positive it’s kinda fun to watch there reaction I think you’ll really enjoy it.

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Get to know your author.

About me a bit. I’m super into all things optimized and easy. I really enjoy software programs and businesses that have put in the work on the back end to make it easy on our end. How do you guys feel about that? Anyway I want you guys to take away great stuff from my blogs. Hint: I do this stuff for a living to I might through a few cool items up with affiliate links so as I can make an income. My promise to you if I don’t like it I don’t sell it so if you find yourself interested in the things I am follow me we will make for a fun and interesting time. I promise it. For today all I want to say is there is allot coming down the pipes here and you’ll want to keep checking in and watch for those updates.